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New Year, New Line

New Year, New Line

The last thing you want is to lose that trophy catch due to old bad fishing line on your reel. At the start of a new season, year or if you haven’t used your gear in while, it is a great idea to switch and replace the old line off of your fishing reels. It only takes a few minutes and it is well worth it, trust me. As the season goes on you may want to change it more often if you use it more often. The reasons for this is, there could be abrasions on the line as well as getting curly que’d on the spool. This can cause a snap in the line from weaknesses and tangles. Start by pulling, “stripping” off the line down from the reel down to some “BACKING” a few yards of the old fishing line, so that you can splice the new fishing line together. Note, always feed the line through all of the guides down to the reel, as it makes it much easier. From there, start reeling. When on the boats I will drop the new spool in the bait tank and reel until the spool on the reel is just before completely full. After that go to the back of the boat and let it out, then rewind back on. Putting pressure on it as its being placed on the reel could prevent back lashes (BIRDS NEST) from being loose. If you’re home, the old winding off the pencil will work. Again have the person holding the spool, keep some pressure on it. It’s very important that the line is coming off the new spool facing the rod. If you see it going on sideways, stop and correct it. You will end up with coils in the line. This simple process takes 10-20 minutes per fishing pole and could make the difference between catching and losing that fish of a lifetime.

Make sure you discard the old line properly, some landing, piers and tackle shops have line recycling bins for this. NEVER throw it over the side of the boat or out in nature. It will entangle wildlife and never breaks down. It is our job to always be good stewards when we are out enjoying the outdoors.